How To Auto Redial When Line Is Busy, Not Respond With Android Phone

Android phones don’t have an automatic redial, when the line is busy or not respond/answered. But some manufacture like Nokia added that option. Google play is rich in apps. Therefore we can use 3rd party free apps. Currently there are few android app that can automatically redial, when the line is busy or not answered calls.

There are two Android apps on the Google Play store. But one application limits its feature in their free version.  Therefore we added all the features enabled app in this post. In this situation Auto Redial is the perfect solution.


  • Enable and disable redial attempts.
  • User can add how many numbers of redialing attempts perform.
  • User can specify each attempts delay.
  • Automatically enable Speaker mode.
  • Home Screen widget to Enable and Disable service.

Before use this free android application you have to know how it work. In normal situations all the busy and unanswered calls end with zero (0) seconds. This application runs in the background and monitor if there is any dialed finishing with the zero seconds. If there is then the redial application automatically dials that number. If your carrier doesn’t support zero second busy call you have to configure it in the app “Consider a call busy if the last call end with following seconds” field.

In the default settings, before start redial this application displays a small dialog box, using it, the user can cancel auto-redial. If it’s not promoting that dialog box you can enable it by check on the “Always Prompt Before Redialing” option.

Download app.
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